Safety Is A Family Value Duck Dynasty® Mini Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards by Accuform Signs

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  • Duck Dynasty® Mini Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards: Safety Is A Family Value - _ Days Without An OSHA Recordable Injury

Duck Dynasty® Mini Digi-Day® Electronic Scoreboards: Safety Is A Family Value - _ Days Without An OSHA Recordable Injury


Duck Dynasty® mini scoreboard tracks number of safe days without OSHA recordable injury.

  • Remind them why it is important to keep safe
  • Record your safe days with them beard boys
  • Accuform Signs is partnering with A&E® hit show, Duck Dynasty® to capture employee attention for your safety messages
  • For indoor use
  • Four-digit, black LCD display with 1 1/2inH numbers
  • Low profile design less than 1in thick!
  • Display is set with combination rear buttons
  • Set safe work day numbers, time, and time to change
  • Number advances automatically every 24 hours
  • Lithium battery and clear polycarbonate stands are included
  • Keyholes on back for wall mounting


14" x 10"
$109.97 / Each
This product is eligible for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200*

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