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Safety Awareness Posters: Pride In Safety


Promote safe work ethic and pride amongst workers with this patriotic poster

  • Indicate to workers that practicing safe work shows they take pride in what they do
  • Keeping with the patriotic theme the bald eagle and flag evoke feelings of patriotism
  • Post on walls in key locations to provide a daily visual reminder
  • Support and spread the program message
  • Printed with color and graphic images
  • Laminated, durable, flexible plastic


24" x 18"
$29.48 / Each
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Safety Awareness Posters A Daily Visual Reminder Reinforce and strengthen your company’s safety message with a daily visual reminder in key spots around your facility! Posters help complement banners, scoreboards or others identification products made to reinforce your safety message. Posters are ideal for: • Training • Communication/Announcements • Procedures • Campaigns and Promotions • Boosting Employee Morale Durable Poster Unlike a traditional “movie-style” poster, these are made with durable double laminate and designed specifically for tough industrial-type environments, yet made to work nicely in a variety of locations from the front office to the production floor. • Posters are a great motivation tool for your employees • Help convey your company’s commitment to safety and quality as a priority in and around your facility • They help to enhance the launch, support and spread of an existing safety message or quality program More

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