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  • Store-Boards™ 5S Boards with tool shadows
  • Store-Boards™
Store-Boards™ 5S Boards with tool shadows

Custom Store-Boards™ 5S Shadow Boards


Create a clearly identified place for everything to reduce clutter, accidents, and costs.

  • Quality custom designed storage systems for tools
  • Durable board with tool mounting hardware included
  • Work directly with an Accuform graphic artist
  • This 5S sign can be used as a tool board, broom station, or more
  • Create 5S quality control with this and other Accuform 5S solutions


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This product is not currently available for online orders. To order, please contact your account manager at (800) 237-1001.
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Store-Boards™ A Place for Everything... and Everything in Its Place! At a glance, see that tools and supplies are in their designated storage locations, displayed on the board. Store-Boards™ are for 5S process and other lean initiatives. • Organize your tools, supplies, equipment, and materials • Provide striking, graphical visual point-of-storage for the tools • Shadow outlines with words identify where tools should be when not in use • Show readily available tools to maintain machinery, equipment, and operations • Account for missing tools and equipment, avoid time wasted looking for and replacing them, and ensure availability when needed next time Store-Boards™ can be any size and shape with colors, images, and graphic schemes. Match the workplace theme, name, and location, as well as separate and identify tools for different uses. Design your Store-Boards™ with us online, in real time …at no extra cost! Interact with our graphic artist in real time to develop your Store-Board™. Your artwork comes to life right before your eyes. You get exactly what you want versus settling for something close. Contact us to have a professionally designed Store-Board™ customized for you! The benefits: • Get exactly what you want. Speak directly with your personal graphic artist. • Get buy-in from all key decision makers on your team. The live, web-based meeting is an efficient platform to collaborate. • Save time. The calls typically last under an hour. No more back-and-forth emails and eliminate miscommunication. • It’s free. This service is provided at no extra cost. It’s all part of our “Yes We Can” attitude! • It’s easy. WebEx™ web-based meetings make it simple to join the meeting and see your Store-Board™ fully develop online. • It’s FUN! You’ll be amazed at how powerful and simple it is to design your Store-Board™ online. • Get it done right! Leverage the expertise of our experienced staff to ensure your Store-Board™ effectively meets your requirements. How does it work? Go from drawing/idea to final product! Here is a snapshot overview of the personalization process: STEP 1: Gather your list of tools, images, logos and colors. Any ideas at this time can be very helpful too! STEP 2: Schedule a live, interactive art proof session (via WebEx™). STEP 3: Attend real-time, on-line meeting to develop artwork. - Present initial artwork for immediate results! Interact and design your board with our professional graphic artist. - Collaborate with everyone on your team. - Select the right design elements. - Put them in the right order. - Ensure it’s on target with your needs. - Discuss materials, hardware, other board accessories. STEP 4: An art proof is emailed for your approval. Once approved, your personalized artwork is printed and shipped in short-order. More


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1. World-Class Customer Service
Your account manager is available to help you select the right material, design the perfect custom sign, or just make sure that you are getting exactly what you need when you need it - to help keep your employees safe.
2. Free Shipping!
Free shipping on qualified orders over $200. That means whenever you buy a Digi-Day®, or over 175,000 of our other products, you get free shipping!
3. Personalize It!
Our art department can help you realize any sign, tag, label, banner, or poster that you can dream up. Spend some time with a personalization specialist to create a Store-Board™ or simply send in your sketched idea and we will make it a reality.
4. Extensive Product Line
With over 175,000 stock and custom facility identification, lockout/tagout, and worksite safety products, Accuform has what you need.
5. Innovation and Growth
As your needs evolve and as your company grows, Accuform is by your side offering you the latest ideas in facility identification products. We led the charge on GHS, ANSI-ISO, and are growing our 5S offering keeping in step with your growth.

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