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Lockout: Custom Steering Wheel Covers

Lockout: Custom Steering Wheel Covers


Custom lockout steering wheel covers prevent others from operating vehicles.

  • Write your message and sketch your symbol or logo (if necessary).
  • Specify cover color — white or yellow, print color, and provide the quantity

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Custom Steering Wheel Covers Reinforced vinyl cover has a warning legend and message, and fits over standard steering wheels. The upper half has a stitched pocket to slip over the steering wheel. The bottom has a 3/8" metal grommeted hole to accommodate a 1 1/2" hasp with padlocks (sold separately) securing the cover to the steering wheel. For Custom Steering Wheel Covers - Write your message and sketch your symbol or logo (if necessary). Specify cover color — white or yellow, print color, and provide the quantity. Call, fax, or e-mail us your request with part number by size for a quote and delivery. More

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