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Hinge Style Plug Lockout

Hinge Style Plug Lockout


Hinge style lockouts seal off plug to prevent equipment from being plugged in

  • Completely encloses plug end so there is no access available
  • Insert plug, close down, and secure tightly with padlock (sold separately)


$18.71 / Each
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Seal off plug to prevent equipment from being plugged in. Completely enclose the electrical plug eng. Place the plug in the lockout, close and secure with padlock (sold separately - shackle diameter up to 9/32") to prevent opening of the lockout device. The two sizes accommodate standard voltage plugs (110 and some 220 VAC) and high voltage plugs (220 and some 550 VAC). Visible red, all plastic construction. Hinge Style has clam shell design that clicks locks together the two halves. Size 3/4" x 1 3/4" fits cord size up to 1/2" in diameter and size 3" x 6" fits cord size up to 1" in diameter. More

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