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  • STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp
  • STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp
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STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp
Loop end brace and secure in place by padlock

STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp


Change out, insert, and secure a lockout tag for each lockout situation

  • 5 1/4-in x 3-in hasp fits in the palm of the hand
  • Lightweight, all-dielectric plastic design
  • Red octagon shape reinforces lockout status and easily conveys STOP
  • (sold separately ) STOP-shaped octagon front panel contains changeable STOPOUT Tab Tags
  • (sold separately) Secures with up to three padlocks


$8.33 / Each
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Change out, insert, and secure a lockout tag for each lockout situation with the Tag 'n Hang Hasp. Bright safety red and contrasting black hasp has an unmistakable stop-shaped octagon front panel shield - and contains a visible lockout tag within it that is changeable. More

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