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  • STOPOUT® Wall Lockout Switch with tag and padlock
  • STOPOUT® Wall Switch Lockout
STOPOUT® Wall Lockout Switch with tag and padlock
Switch locked in down position

STOPOUT® Universal Blockout Wall Switch Cover


Flip the switch, flip the cover to ensure the switch isn't capable of being energized

  • Dual use - works on both rocker/toggle and flat paddle switches
  • Uses existing switch plate screw(s) to attach
  • Fully encloses entire switch
  • Cover folds down to block screws and switch access
  • Secure with a padlock (sold separately)
  • Measures 4 1/2 inch H x 1 5/8 inch W x 7/8 inch D
  • Unique design reduces error - applies only in direction of desired lockout position - on or off


$6.37 / Each
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