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Buying Groups 

Join a network of safety professionals and enhance safety communications worldwide. 

Buying Group

Buying groups facilitate strong relationships between independent distributors and Accuform. 

Strength In Numbers

Collaborate with a network of safety professionals to enhance buying power and increase worker safety. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Accuform sells exclusively to distributors. Years of experience has proven that this is the most effective way to focus marketing efforts and keep the global workforce safe. Buying groups create a network for the cooperative exchange of valuable safety information and resources. 

Collaborating with a group of informed safety professionals means safety education and worker protection remain a top priority within the industry. Safety is a serious business. A technically driven sales force understands that safety is not a commodity; it's a culture of communication and responsibility.  

Buying groups also help small and local distributors increase their buying power and stay competitive. By concentrating on a few key relationships, Accuform can ensure that end-users receive the best care and access to important safety products. Buying groups assist Accuform in its mission to inform, protect, and motivate the global work force. 

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