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Lights & Movement

Lights & Movement!

This sign will really catch their attention with a 48" H x 58" W custom LED display and a moving message display.

This sign combines the Digi-Day® module and the easliy changeable LED message display.

Get maximum visual impact with attention-getting messages. Light, color, and motion communicates your safety, quality or production message. Sharp and brightly lit LED matrix creates a high-visibility indoor message display.

Messages are easily entered and changed through a wireless, remote control keyboard that can be used up to 30 feet away. Within seconds you can create exciting visual messages!

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Cintas works hard to protect the environment and conserve natural resources across North America.


With Accuform's custom decals, you can write-on and rub-off, allowing for use again and again.


If your idea of a label is colorful, detailed, or interestingly shaped, or just completely unique, have no fear—Accuform is here!


30" reflective aluminum circle with custom logo and colors...No Problem! If you have an idea, let us help make it a reality.

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