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Accuform invests in America and leads internationally. 

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Made in America Since 1976

Local Pillar, International Leader

At a time when many American manufacturers were outsourcing their production to foreign countries, Accuform decided to invest in America. 

 Accuform was founded by the Johnson family in 1976, a difficult time for American business. While many companies were divesting in America, Accuform began to build and grow strong.  For over a quarter of a century, Accuform has worked to create a business rooted in community, driven by innovation. Today, Accuform is still located in Florida and has grown to 300 employees with plans to create over 200 more jobs in the next decade. Accuform continues to invest in America with its dedication to job creation, philanthropy, and safe work practices. 

Accuform has always remained true to its core value that a safe and happy workplace leads to quality and efficiency. Since its inception, Accuform has won many awards for its high safety standards, great products, and outstanding workplace atmosphere.  Accuform leads the safety industry not only in volume of sales and product quality; Accuform also leads by example -- everyday, on site --by being one of the safest and healthiest places to work in the USA. 

Global community by Accuform

Corporate stability has led to international success

Strong community is the essence of great business. 

An international reputation in safety communications and custom manufacturing is built on trust. 

Strong relationships are essential to a customization business premised on adaptability and flexibility. The ability to meet such a high volume of custom requests is aided by reliable networks of communication created over the years with distributors and amongst the Accuform team itself.  You have something to say. An Acccuform Signs specialist is available to hear it.  Our team of visual communications specialists work together to express your message in a unique manner that enhances the goals of your organization. Accuform has built its business on great communication and great relationships.

Accuform has grown steadily since its inception yet maintained a centralized production system. We have refined our production methods and are able to fulfill your custom requests -- fast! The stability and constancy of Accuform has also created a sense of community and trust. A spirit of personal accountability to both customers and fellow workers is cultivated everyday at Accuform. Accuform is a family business that continues to put people first for better business and a safer world. 

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