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 Lumi-GlowTM Tags

Be able to see your tags anytime - even in the dark!

Lumi-Glow Tags
  • Use Lumi-GlowTM Tags for temporary marking
  • Ideal for situations where there is a potential for sudden blackout or power failure conditions - in which glow-in-the-dark tags would still be visible
  • Install tags on switches and controls, equipment, machinery, and any other areas or objects that could be a hazard in the dark
  • Tags are resistant to UV-light, moisture, and light chemical splash
  • Tag is bonded on both sides with glow material, so it can be seen from either side
  • Lumi-GlowTM Tags measure 5"h x 3"w

See our Lumi-GlowTM Tags

Evacuation Map Holder -

Get out Safely! Lumi-GlowTM technology adds visibility to your evacuation map so workers can evacuate quickly and safely!

  • Bright glow-in-the-dark background makes your map visible even when the lights go out (background appears white in full-light conditions)
  • Holder is printed with clear bold letters in the border to readily identify evacuation map in light and dark
  • Holder is designed to easily accommodate clear transparency film insert (sold separately, call) - simply print map from your computer and slide into holder
  • Map on clear insert contrasts with the background - white in light and glow in darkness
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