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State Signage Initiatives

State Signage

When your state passes a law, you can rest assured that we will offer identification products that help your facility stay in compliance with the design and message mandated by the state. Some states require facilities to post signs near entryways, explaining the concealed weapons law that was passed for businesses and public areas. Many states take a firm stance on smoking. One solution is to post state-specific no smoking signs. One of the most current issues is crack-down on texting while driving. If it’s mandated, we’ve got it!

No Texting While Driving It's illegal in most states to text while driving, and some states have extended these laws to using cell phones at all while driving.

Truss signs Truss signs are specific to states (or cities) and serve to identify buildings that have a light-frame, truss-type construction; repetitive wood or light steel framing comprises the primary elements of the structure.

Concealed Weapons Carrying a concealed weapon is legal in some states - others it is not. Some businesses have chosen to restrict employees and patrons from carrying a concealed weapon inside the premises.

No Smoking Indiana is the latest of 40 states to pass a no smoking ban in public places, places of employment and 8 feet from the entrance to these places. There are some exemptions like bars, tavern and gaming facilities.

State Specific ADA and Braille Signs Some states have specific legends, sizes and text for Americans with Disabilities Act signs and supplemental signs.

No Idling In at least two states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, it's illegal to idle in diesel trucks over a certain size.

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