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Lockout Devices

We deliver world-class everything at Accuform. We deliver the assurance that the solutions you need for your facility and workplace are consistently and reliably of the highest quality available.

At Accuform, we deliver solutions derived from our experience and expertise in facility safety identification. This means being a leader in delivering innovative solutions. Delivering the latest in digital print technologies. Delivering a dedicated sales and account management team that will strive to exceed your expectations.

We deliver consistent order accuracy with a rating of almost 100%! Browse our catalog and let us know your need. If we don't sell it or already make it... we can probably deliver on the promise of being the largest custom sign manufacturer and deliver it to your specifications.

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 - Lockout Device: Steel Hasps
As Low As$4.20

Lockout Device: Steel Hasps

The sibling of the interlocking style, this standard style hasp accomplishes the same idea

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 - STOPOUT ® Cinch Cable Lockout
As Low As$19.57

STOPOUT ® Cinch Cable Lockout

Universally spooled cable capable of locking out multiple devices at one time

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 - Aluminum Hasps
As Low As$4.15

Aluminum Hasps

Made from non-sparking style aluminum to avoid potential serious injury to workers

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 - Loop Hasp
As Low As$4.88

Loop Hasp

Dielectric, which means it can transmit electric force without conducting

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 - STOPOUT ® Tab Tag
As Low As$30.95


Tag identifies to all it may concern that the piece of equipment is being serviced

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 - Steel Hasps KDD102
As Low As$4.59

Steel Hasps KDD102

Unlike its brother that is standard style, this hasp features the interlocking style

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 - STOPOUT ® Double-Cross Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps
As Low As$22.22

STOPOUT ® Double-Cross Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps

Lock out equipment with large reach, pry-resistant hasps that keeps it from being used

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 - STOPOUT ® Twist 'n Lock Cinch Lockout Hasp
As Low As$23.31

STOPOUT ® Twist 'n Lock Cinch Lockout Hasp

Use this device to run cable through multiple devices and then twist to cinch cable

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 - STOPOUT ® Double-Cross Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps
As Low As$22.22

STOPOUT ® Double-Cross Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps

Another Double-Cross Aluma-Tag ™ Hasp that features the locked out do not operate message

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 - Safety Chain
As Low As$6.71

Safety Chain

Use to mark off dangerous locations and protect personnel from hazards

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 - STOPOUT® OSHA Danger Aluma-Tag™ Hasps: Do Not Operate
As Low As$19.86

STOPOUT® OSHA Danger Aluma-Tag™ Hasps: Do Not Operate

Lock out more equipment with the large reach hasp made to withstand tough environments.

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 - Scissor-Lok™ Cable-Hasps KDD621
As Low As$24.99

Scissor-Lok™ Cable-Hasps KDD621

Use to loop and lock out multiple electrical boxes, switch handles, and much more

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 - STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp
As Low As$8.33

STOPOUT® Tag 'n Hang Hasp

Change out, insert, and secure a lockout tag for each lockout situation

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 - STOPOUT® Tab Tags
As Low As$30.95


Once again another tab tag used in conjunction with a lockout device to convey a message

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 - STOPOUT® Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps KDH644
As Low As$19.86

STOPOUT® Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps KDH644

Built with quality materials to withstand all elements while locking out equipment

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As Low As$8.67


Prevent accidental or unexpected start up or release of stored energy when working on equipment and machinery.

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 - Chain Lockout Kit
As Low As$15.82

Chain Lockout Kit

Kit comes complete with everything needed to effectively lockout an area being serviced

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 - STOPOUT ® Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps
As Low As$19.86

STOPOUT ® Aluma-Tag ™ Hasps

Lock out more equipment with the large reach hasp made to withstand tough environments

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 - Custom Steel Hasp

Custom Steel Hasp

Yes that says custom! So that means there is no limit to what you can do to satisfy you

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These tabbed tags are designed specifically to be used with our KDD160 STOPOUT® device.

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