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Bumpers & Guards

Place Bumpers and Guards on hard surfaces, protruding corners, edges and obstacles around your facility. Protect equipment from damage and people from injury by enhancing the visibility and lessening the impact of hazardous surfaces.

Bumpers and Guards are available to cover various surfaces, from shelving corners to parking lot posts. Bumpers and Guards are either self-adhesive or fitted to form to the surface being covered; no additional adhesive is necessary.

Products: 1-18 of 18
 - Rack Protector
As Low As$53.83
 - Bumper Post Sleeves
As Low As$46.55
 - Steel Post Bollards
As Low As$187.51
 - Rebound Bollard Post
As Low As$33.25
 - Bumper Post Wrap
As Low As$13.59
 - Poly-Guide Post Bollards
As Low As$67.91
 - I-Beam Protectors
As Low As$82.67
 - Corner Protector
As Low As$16.36
 - Plastic Bumper Post Bollard
As Low As$141.47
 - Corner and Wall Protectors
As Low As$72.11
 - Machine Guards
As Low As$278.95
 - Steel Post Bollards: Square
As Low As$226.51