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Confined Space

A confined space can be found in almost every workplace. Confined spaces are areas that are not designed for continuous habitation or have restricted entrances. A "permit-required" confined space is identified by OSHA as one that poses an enhanced threat due to a hazardous atmosphere, material, or equipment used within.

Accidents in confined spaces often result in multiple injuries or deaths due their extremely hazardous nature and restrictive design. As such, prevention through identification and awareness are the keys to working safely in confined spaces.

Accuform offers products to help inform, motivate, and protect people working in and around confined spaces. OSHA compliant signs clearly indicate the type of hazard and restrictions and are available from Accuform in variety of materials to withstand diverse work environments.

For further awareness and protection, Accuform has created a series of manhole cover signs featuring OSHA warnings which can be displayed directly on specific confined space entryways. Finally, permit holders and training material are available to help your facility achieve comprehensive compliance. Many products can be customized to enhance communication and efficiency.

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