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GHS Tags & Wallet Cards

GHS, the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, was established to provide a consistent system to address classification of chemical hazards on labels and safety data sheets.

The world looks to Accuform as a leading source for GHS related identification solutions. These solutions include workplace labeling, and comply with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Diamond System and the Hazardous Materials Classification Information System (HMCIS) Format.

We also offer custom GHS signs, pipe markers, GHS do-it-yourself printers, labels in addition to GHS tags and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) binders and signs.

DOT Placards Regulations Materials including panels, symbols and regulations are all a part of the various identification solutions we offer in transportation markings.

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Best Sellers

 - GHS Wallet Cards

GHS Wallet Cards

Keep a visual reminder of GHS label and pictogram requirements close at hand.

As Low As$2.64
 - GHS Jumbo Safety Tag

GHS Jumbo Safety Tag

GHS tags are essential in identify safety hazards as well as chemicals that may be present

Pack OF 5
 - Safety Tag: GHS Jumbo Tags

Safety Tag: GHS Jumbo Tags

GHS pictogram labels correspond to the hazards associated with the chemicals.

Pack OF 5
 - GHS Jumbo Tags

GHS Jumbo Tags

Attach tags to chemicals in the workplace with GHS pictogram labels to identify hazards.

Pack OF 5