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Ladder Safety

Install Ladder Shield™ Wrap over fixed ladder leading to a confined space. Prevent those from climbing into the enclosed area. These can be ladders attached to the outside, leading to entry of tanks, vessels, pipes, and dikes. Place Ladder Shield™ Wrap over the step rungs of the ladder at eye level for immediate awareness. Set the 87" x 13" Wrap so that it evenly covers the front and back of the ladder rungs. Depending upon the spacing of the rungs, the Wrap should cover 3 to 4 steps. The finished in place look measures approximately 42" x 13". Secure the Wrap at the bottom with a padlock to prevent removal. Large bold safety message, with attention-getting graphic, is printed on strong, yet flexible 10-oz reinforced-vinyl metal grommets at the ends. Padlock shackle loops through the grommets to hold the Wrap in place. When not in use, Wrap rolls or folds up into compact size for storage. Available as a kit - includes Wrap and padlock.
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