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Switch & Plug Lockouts

Accuform is well known for its comprehensive Lockout/Tagout program.

Our goal is to have your company comply with OSHA Lockout/Tagout standards and prevent accidental or unexpected start up or release of stored energy when working on equipment and machinery.

Accuform offers a comprehensive offering that includes a 7-step overview on how to create an effective lockout/tagout program. We then provide a variety of Lockout Tags, Lockout Signs and Labels, Lockout Devices and all the training and documentation you could need to keep your workplace or facility safe.

Choose from an extensive selection of messages, materials and styles to meet your specific needs.

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 - STOPOUT® StopPlug™ Lockout
As Low As$12.08

STOPOUT® StopPlug™ Lockout

Prevent accidental plug-in of power cord or any sort of unauthorized action

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 - STOPOUT® Universal Blockout Wall Switch Cover
As Low As$6.37

STOPOUT® Universal Blockout Wall Switch Cover

Flip the switch, flip the cover to ensure the switch isn't capable of being energized

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 - Power Cord Plug Lockout
As Low As$23.31

Power Cord Plug Lockout

Lockout the 'other end' of a power cord from being connected to equipment

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 - Toggle Wall Switch Lockout/Rocker
As Low As$12.36

Toggle Wall Switch Lockout/Rocker

Lock out standard wall switch in either "on" or "off" position and it cannot be moved

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 - Hinge Style Plug Lockout
As Low As$18.71

Hinge Style Plug Lockout

Hinge style lockouts seal off plug to prevent equipment from being plugged in

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 - Multi-Power Electrical Plug Lockout Box
As Low As$30.44

Multi-Power Electrical Plug Lockout Box

Make maintenance and repairs safer with this quick and easy to deploy lockout device.

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 - Voltage Sensor
As Low As$34.51

Voltage Sensor

Check and verify for AC voltage without direct wire content to avoid accidents

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 - Circuit Testers
As Low As$36.79

Circuit Testers

Plug AC receptacle to test proper line operation and make sure its usable

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 - STOPOUT ® Toggle-Switch Cover
As Low As$22.55

STOPOUT ® Toggle-Switch Cover

Prevent access to a toggle switch, yet still be able to see its position

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 - STOPOUT® Push Button Cover
As Low As$6.71

STOPOUT® Push Button Cover

Prevent accidental startups by locking out push/pull operation buttons

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 - Lockout/Tagout Wall Receptacle Plug Lockout Device Cover
As Low As$20.67

Lockout/Tagout Wall Receptacle Plug Lockout Device Cover

Provides electrical safety that can be verified "at a glance".

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 - Plug-On Keylock Lockout
As Low As$19.72

Plug-On Keylock Lockout

Prevent unauthorized plug-in of machinery and equipment power cord to electrical socket

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 - Drum Lockouts
As Low As$70.79

Drum Lockouts

Secure standard 55 gallon metal and plastic storage drums around the lip seal

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