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Pipe Markers & ID Tags

Miles of pipe containing hazardous materials cross our landscapes daily. Without proper identification, there is no way to know the contents of these pipes and what threat they pose. That's why the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has created a standard for pipe identification. The standard includes a color-coded system of hazard identification, as well as requirements regarding labeling of flow direction and label placement. Failure to meet this industry consensus standard could result in a citation under OSHA's General Duty Clause.

Accuform has developed a series of pipe markers and tags that adhere to the ANSI standards and suit your specific needs and applications. Choose from a variety of materials to withstand extreme temperatures, moisture, or harsh environments. You can also customize your pipe markers and ID tags with a different legend or shape.

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 - Lock-style Nylon Ties
As Low As$0.25
 - Accessories: Stainless Steel Wire Ties
As Low As$0.05EA.
Pack OF 1000
 - Metal-Lite Tags
As Low As$62.05
 - Roll Tape Pipe Marker: Gas
As Low As$26.31
 - French Pipe Marker: Air
As Low As$1.97
 - Roll Form Pipe Marker: Gas
As Low As$88.20
 - Roll Tape Pipe Marker: Air
As Low As$26.31
 - Roll Tape Pipe Marker: Acid
As Low As$26.31
 - Roll Form Pipe Marker: Acid
As Low As$88.20
 - Safety Tag: Gasoline
As Low As$5.31
 - Numbered Brass ID Tags
As Low As$64.14
 - Safety Tag: Gas/Oil Mix
As Low As$5.31
 - Safety Tag: Diesel Fuel
As Low As$5.31
 - Safety Tag: Kerosene
As Low As$5.31
 - French Pipe Marker: Huile
As Low As$1.97
 - French Pipe Marker: Gaz
As Low As$1.97