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  • MISO382

ISO Warning Safety Sign: Chain Drive Entanglement Hazard (2003/2011)


Warn all personnel of a chain drive entanglement hazard in the area.

  • Colorful symbols set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in a universal format are easily recognized and understood across language barriers
  • Ensure all readers are aware of entanglement hazards in the area
  • Properly mark all chain drives in a facility
  • Safety actions and messages to be taken are distinguished by shapes and colors
  • Display in areas requiring safety symbol messages or signs
  • Signs are available in two sizes and three materials: adhesive vinyl, plastic, and aluminum
  • All aluminum and plastic ISO signs have post mount holes


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ISO Safety Signs Communicate safety using internationally recognized symbols Colorful, symbols set forth by The International Organization for Standarization (ISO) in a universal format to be easily recognizable and understood across language barriers. Safety messages and actions to be taken are distinguished by shapes and colors. Display in areas requiring safety symbol messages. Signs are available in three materials and two sizes. All Plastic and Aluminum ISO signs have post mount holes. More

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