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Deco-Shield™ Glow-In-The-Dark Safety Sign: Not An Exit


Warn anyone in workplace that the area they are entering is not an exit.

  • Glow material helps improve safety during power loss
  • Glows in the dark to convey message when lights go out
  • Affix over doorways that are not exits


6" x 9"
$27.28 / Each
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Lumi-Glow™ Deco-Shield™ Signs Contemporary style signs look good in regular light and perform in the dark. Place these architectural-style signs in the office as well as in industrial environments – where they can be seen when the power goes out. The message will glow instructions that may be pertinent to such emergency situations. Deco-Shield™ is .135” clear acrylic plastic sign with step-radius edges. Printed on the underside is the sign legend message backed by photoluminescent film. The subsurface image is protected from scratches, dirt, chemical splash, and other elements. More

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