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Rail Sign: Right Lane Only


Instruct all readers that light rail transit is to use the right lane only.

  • Post traffic signs to safely direct and regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians in and around parking areas, dock areas, and roadways
  • Stay compliant with MUTCD Section 8B.13
  • Light Rail Transit Only Lane signs may be used on a roadway lane limited to only LRT use to indicate the restricted use of a lane in semi-exclusive and mixed alignments
  • Use signs as specified by the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices), which contains the national standards
  • MUTCD identifies that traffic signs and pavement markings on all roads open to public traffic are to be High intensity Prismatic
  • Reflective sheeting is bonded to .080 aluminum and printed with UV inks to prevent fading


30" x 24"

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• Heavy-duty .080" Aluminum Signs will not rust • Reflective sign face provides added visibility in low-light conditions • UV-resistant inks prevent fading during long-term outdoor use • Supplied with top and bottom center holes for post- or fence- mounting Choose from 3 reflective finishing materials: Engineer-Grade Prismatic (RA)- Economical prismatic sheeting provides better day and nighttime brightness than traditional beaded Engineer-Grade sheeting. This micro-prismatic retroreflective sheeting is recommended for commercial sign applications as well as non-critical traffic control signs, regulated by the MUTCD. Meets ASTM D 4956 Type I. High-Intensity Prismatic (HP) - 3X brighter than Engineer-Grade Prismatic. Non-metalized micro-prismatic lens reflective sheeting is effective for daytime, nighttime and artificial light conditions. Provides durability and long-term reflectivity. Meets ASTM D 4956, Type III, Type IV, and Type X. DG High-Prism (DP) - 10X brighter than Engineer-Grade Prismatic. Provides the highest level of reflectivity and maintains great visibility and reflectivity from far away and at wide angles. Meets ASTM Type IX More

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