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  • Custom Cabinet 5S Tool Storage Store-Boards™
  • Custom Cabinet Store-Boards™
  • Custom Cabinet Store-Boards™
Custom Cabinet 5S Tool Storage Store-Boards™

Custom Cabinet Store-Boards™


Use Store-Boards™ to organize tools while protecting personnel from unorganized items.

  • Easily organize tools and other objects
  • Keep personnel locked out from specific tools
  • Store, organize, and limit access to the tools you cannot afford to lose
  • 1/8 inch clear polycarbonate windows to visually verify and account for all tools
  • Provide striking, graphical visual point-of-storage for the tools
  • Shadow outlines with words identifying where tools should be when not in use
  • Account for missing tools and equipment, avoid time wasted looking for and replacing them, and ensure availability when needed next time
  • Cabinets are 4 inch deep with an inside depth of 2 1/4 inches
  • Satin anodized aluminum housing offers clean, industrial appearance

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Secure valuable tools in durable, lockable aluminum cabinets featuring built-in custom Store-Boards™ tool shadow boards. Store, organize and limit access to the tools you cannot afford to lose. Cabinet Store-Boards™ offer all the benefits of a lockable tool box, in an organized, visual layout that allows you to know immediately when tools are in use or in their designated storage location, displayed in the cabinet. Available with 1 or 2 doors. Cabinets are 4" deep with an inside depth of 2 1/4". Recommended for indoor use only. More

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