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Floor Stripe™ High Performance Message Floor Strips: Trash Can


Mark trash can locations and avoid misplacement of receptacles and corresponding waste.

  • Mark and designate waste receptacle locations
  • Ensure trash cans are returned to the proper and designated location after being emptied
  • Strips are 3-in. x 12-in. in size
  • 5S products are essential in organization and maintaining a safe work environment
  • The structure of 5S are Sort Set in Order Shine Standardize and Sustain
  • Covered in a 2-mil over laminate and printed on 2-mil polyester
  • Convey your commitment to safety and organization with 5S products


3" x 12"
$13.71 / Each
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Floor Stripe™ High Performance Message Floor Strips Mark the specific location of maintenance, storage and emergency equipment. Printed 2-mil polyester tapes have 2-mil gloss over-laminate. Acrylic adhesive backing provides high tack and bond to a variety of smooth and rough surfaces. Available 3" wide x 12” strips. Strips can be custom printed with your message, graphic, or logo. Contact us with part number PTP165.

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