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Store-Drawers™ Foam Tool Organizer: Create Your Own

Store-Drawers™ Foam Tool Organizer: Create Your Own


Organize personal storage drawers with customizable foam inserts.

  • Measure and trace all contents for storage drawer
  • Cut out customized shapes for storage of tools
  • Protects the tools and their containers from scratches and damage
  • Keeps them organized, convenient, and ready for any job
  • Quickly determine and identify when any tool is in use, missing, lost, or left behind
  • Meets Foreign Object Damage (FOD) and Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) prevention programs
  • Dense, textured polyethylene foam is chemically cross-linked to be durable, strong, and heat stable, yet lightweight
  • Foam is designed to resist oils, solvents, and jet fuels


$29.88 / Each
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Create Your Own Foam Tool Organizer Use foam kits to organize your tool drawers, tool trays, or tool boxes. Eliminate wasted time looking for tools, rummaging through drawers, and sorting through loose tools. Tools organized, inserted, and stored for easy access can enhance and promote the awareness of tool accountability and asset management, while elevating productivity. More

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