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Paints & Equipment: Marking Wand Wheeler


Wheeler marking wands improve efficiency and have the convenience of a wheel.

  • Handheld Wand is 12" in length; Wheeler Wand is 34" in length
  • Comfortable pistol grip for easy handling and marking


$42.11 / Each
This product is eligible for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $200*

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Marking paint spray nozzle and cap design provide a wide spray for quick and effective coverage. Ideal for free marking, writing, and filling in stencils. Spray cans can be used by themselves or with a marking gun or wand. Marking Wand provides the convenience and comfort in the pistol grip design. The Marking Wand is constructed of durable, rugged plastic and steel. The Marking Wand with wheel is 34" long for ease of marking surfaces without bending over. Spray cans sold separately. More


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