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French Pipe Marker: Azote


Label contents and mark the directional flow of pipes carrying nitrogen.

  • Visible colors and bold lettering on the pipe marker are designed to meet or exceed ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 recommendations for size, color for potable, cooling, boiler feed, and other water
  • Warn workers of potentially hazardous pipe contents, such as nitrogen
  • Nitrogen markers should be placed at frequent intervals along piping systems and should be clearly legible at a distance
  • Translation: Nitrogen
  • Limited English proficiency can pose communication challenges in the workplace and such barriers in communication can create an unsafe work environment
  • French Signs are designed to help ensure and convey the same proper direction and safety information to French-speaking workers, as English signs.



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Self-Stick Material
  • Printed on 4-mil flexible vinyl and overlaminated with a 2-mil, UV resistant polyester film
  • Service temperature is -20° to 140°F.
  • Acrylic adhesive back applies to a smooth, clean pipe surface
  • Snap Tite™ Pipe Markers
  • Printed on heavy gauge 20-mil Rigid Vinyl plastic
  • Service temperature is -4° to 158°F
  • Pre-coiled plastic pipe marker that installs quickly and easily
  • Cling-Tite Material
  • Printed on the underside of chemical-resistant, 7 mil polyester and further protected by a 2mil polyester backing
  • Ideal for use on higher temperature pipes with range of -40° to 302°F
  • Apply, remove, apply again. Cling-Tite markers hold securely to pipes but are easy to remove and re-apply
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