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ASME (ANSI) Pipe Marker: Argon


Identify piping system contents and mark the flow direction for pipes carrying argon.

  • Visible colors and bold lettering on the pipe marker are designed to meet or exceed ASME (ANSI) A13.1-2007 recommendations for size, color for potable, cooling, boiler feed, and other water
  • Warn employees of potentially hazardous pipe contents, such as argon
  • Argon pipe markers should be placed at frequent intervals along piping systems and should be clearly visible at a distance


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Self-Stick Material is printed on 4-mil flexible vinyl and overlaminated with a 2-mil, UV resistant polyester film has a Service temperature is -20° to 140°F. Its acrylic adhesive back applies to a smooth, clean pipe surface - click more for other material descriptions.

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