Plastic Barricade Tape: Warm Zone

Plastic Barricade Tape: Warm Zone
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3" x 1000-ft
This material is protected by:

Inform all reading personnel of an area that has been deemed a warm zone.

  • Made of 4-mil polyethylene plastic
  • Durable for outdoor and indoor environments


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Product Description
Plastic Barricade Tape

Use Barricade Tapes as a quick, temporary way to section-off areas for crowd control purposes.

Also known as Perimeter Tape and Barrier Tape. High-visibility Barricade Tapes are a quick, temporary, and effective way to surround or section-off hazard areas, danger zones, and construction sites. They send the warning message to keep out of restricted areas. Also ideal for crowd and traffic control purposes.

Tapes are non-adhesive, self-wound on a roll in solid colors, pattern, or with continuously repeated message. They unspool, cut easily, and can be fastened with any method - adhesive tape, nail, staple or tie off. Printed tapes have clear, bold warning message that is continuously repeated the length of the roll. Lightweight, yet durable, tapes are 3-mil polyethylene plastic that can withstand indoor elements and outdoor weather conditions. Barricade Tape comes in 3" x 1000-ft. rolls. Material is economical and disposable, yet can be reused. Rolls are compact and can be stored for emergencies or planned projects.
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