OSHA-Color Spray Paints

OSHA-Color Spray Paints
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16 oz.
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Spray on safety hazard colors that coordinate with OSHA codes and regulations.

  • Coat curved and hard to reach places for long-lasting appearance
  • Contains high solids for maximum coverage with fast drying times
  • Meets the OSHA color standard
  • Formulated for industrial maintenance and ideal for tough environments
  • Available in 16-oz. (12-oz. net weight) cans


This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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Product Description
Paint meet the color standards set forth by OSHA. These recognizable colors help alert workers of safety and hazardous situations. Coat curved surfaces and hard to reach places. Paints contain high solids for maximum coverage with fast drying times. Specially formulated for industrial maintenance, paints are ideal for tough environments - indoors and outdoors - for long-lasting appearance.

Note: Not available for sale in Canada.
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