Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

For Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

G H S Roll-2
What is GHS?

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is a worldwide program set forth at the United Nations Conference on the Environment and Development (UNCED) in 1992. The goal is to provide a consistent, globally harmonized system to address the classification of chemical hazards on labels and safety data sheets. The GHS aims to ensure that chemical information on physical hazards and toxicity are in a consistent form for protecting human health and the environment.

What you need to know

GHS explains how to classify various chemicals and materials. Once classified, GHS describes the appropriate warning for them.  GHS also standardizes how to display that information -- every label and Safety Data Sheet will now follow a standardized format.

Easily Identifiable symbols

The first phase of compliance will be for employers to train employees on labeling and safety data sheet requirements, we're already making available GHS pictograms and custom labels

Immediate access, centrally stored

This is the SDS Information Center from Accuform. Provide easy access to safety data sheets in your workplace with SDS Information Center boards. They're sold as complete kits including the backboard, rack, and binder.

Increased visibility lowers accidents

Use Accuform's GHS Jumbo Tags to mark and identify chemicals in your workplace in a big way. Add signal words and pictogram labels, with space left for additional comments on the back.

SDS Centers

Large, printed Center Boards identify the location of Right-To-Know information and make binders storing SDS documents accessible to employees.


SDS Binders

Front cover and spine have contrasting red letters. 3-ring binder has 36" metal security chain. Binders are available in white (WT) or yellow (YL) with red (RD) lettering.


Pictogram Labels

GHS pictograms identify the hazards associated with chemicals and indicate the types of precautions that should be taken to minimize adverse effects


Custom GHS label marquee
Custom Labels

Do you have a specific need when it comes to GHS labels? Create your own message and add pictograms,  descriptions, and more. Available in two formats.


Ghs Poster
GHS Posters

Display posters to show employees concisely what information Safety Data Sheets (SDS) must include to comply with OSHA and GHS requirements..


GHS LX LABEL PRINTER view of printed label
Printers & Media

Print labels for GHS quickly and easily with the GHS LX Printer from Accuform.
Quickly print on the go, in the plant, or at the jobsite.No PC required!


GHS Wallet Card

One side of the GHS plastic
wallet card shows a representation of the nine standard GHS pictograms, while the flip side shows a GHS label example.


GHS Jumbo Tags

Label set of nine pictograms and the two approved signal words “Danger” and “Warning” are included for each tag.  Tags are available in three stock materials, in packs of 5.


Z R S389
Storage Cabinets

Protect SDS documents from harsh environments, yet have them accessible. Steel cabinet holds two SDS binders. The cabinet front converts to a desktop surface.


Z T P331
GHS Training

DVD program covers topics including: Written hazard communication plan, chemical inventory, final rule provisions, Safety Data Sheets, GHS container labels, and more.


OSHA - GHS Items

OSHA SDS Resource
Safety Data Sheets Explained.

Label Example
Download an OSHA example of a GHS-style Label.

Custom G H S Labels
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