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A Showroom on Wheels!

Show your customers NEW and exciting workplace organization in a safe and organized environment by booking our 5S Van! 

Our mobile tradeshow arrives with full-sized product samples, educational resources, stock and custom solutions, material samples, SWAG, and 5S experts to run the event. 


Here's What Our Customers Say

"... definitely gives a competitive advantage as I see all my customers pushing 5S."

"This has given me a list of key contacts and access to the plant I never had before."

"This 5S van added a ton of value and helped our team make a smart decision on the spot that saved us time, money, and resources."

Demo Full Size Products Hands-On

Your customers can see, feel, and experience these products first hand!  Once they see the benefits, they'll want them in their own facilities!

Increase Organization & Productivity

With 5S Workplace Organization, businesses thrive because they maintain an organized atmosphere.
Support an orderly, visual workplace where standardized procedures improve productivity, quality, safety, and worker attitudes.

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Stay Informed - Download FREE 5S Resources

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5S/Lean Solutions Catalog

07 Whitepaper Sustain Success
Whitepaper: Sustain Success with the Practice of 5S
07 Whitepaper A Deep Dive
Whitepaper: 5S/Lean: A Deep Dive!

What You Need to Know
About Booking the Van

The 5S Van hits the road in January and tours around the country for five months. Then, in July, it moves through the country again, so you have two chances to have the van tour your city. 

Download our 2021 5S Van Tour Schedule here. 

The 5S Van comes equipped with the required electricity, samples, products, swag, adn attention-grabbing signage. All you need is an equivalent space the length of 4-5 parking spaces. 

For additional questions about booking the 5S Van, please reach out to your dedicated 5S team or call 800.237.1001

085 S Van

Don't Miss Your Chance!

The 2020 tour was a BIG hit and we have even more stops available in 2021!
Don't miss your chance to #bookthe5svan and tag us on your favorite social media pages. Stops are limited - don't delay - sign up for your 2021 5S Van stop today!

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