41Million People 

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Every night nearly 41 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including 13 million children. Let’s work together to combat hunger!

Will you consider helping us put a stop to a desperate need in virtually every community, hunger?

We believe that making a difference in the world isn’t only a vision – it’s a mission that brings communities together. Collectively, we can meet the need for food in our local communities and be the difference-maker! 

                Make a Difference!

To help, we’ve designed a donation box in the shape of a lockout tag that can sit in an office or will call area to collect non-perishable foods year-round for local charities. These food items can then be delivered to the charity of your choice. With a convenient (included) dry erase panel, you can change the charity from month-to-month, quarter-by-quarter, or as frequently as you'd like.

                                       Get The Box!

If just one of your employees takes ownership of this box and drives food donations throughout the entire year, your company can make a significant difference in your community. 

                                                               Got the Box?

Community service and corporate responsibility are deeply rooted at AccuformNMC. If you're interested in locking out hunger, contact us for your FREE box today – and don’t forget to use #LockoutHunger.

To download instructions or to see our food donation box letter click here.