Accuform Achieved 1,000 Days without a Lost-Time Accident!

Safety, it's what we's in our DNA, and August will always be a month to remember here at Accuform!

Accuform Team received The Zenith® Safety Achievement Award for Outstanding Safety Performance in 2016-2017.  From left to right, President Dave Johnson, Rob Ogilbee, Stephanie Adams, Mike Giovinazzi, John Murphy, Greg Mys, and CEO Wayne Johnson.

A significant milestone was reached as we passed 1,000 days without a lost-time accident.

When Accuform joined OSHA’s S.H.A.R.P. (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program – an elite group dedicated to workplace illness and injury prevention) a few years ago, it was with an eye toward implementing and maintaining a safety and health management system that addressed OSHA’s Safety and Health Program Management Guidelines.

As a company manufacturing safety identification products, this accomplishment means the Accuform team has gone above and beyond to create a culture of safety always. Through reinforcing a commitment to individual safety, health, and communication, Accuform is leading the safety industry by demonstrating outstanding safety practices. 

Safety Director, Mike Giovinazzi, said accountability and trust played a large role in the company’s success. 

“Holding everyone accountable for personal safety, reviewing the existing safety program, and fine tuning it to really fit the culture of the company and the needs of the employees contributed to these safe working days,” said Giovinazzi.

He went on to add, “This accomplishment really speaks volumes to the safety culture at Accuform and I would love to continue the streak of days worked without an accident”.

What does it mean to Accuform to meet this milestone? President Dave Johnson said, “It means we offer a safe environment where people can come to work, be happy, and leave for home the same way they came to work. That makes me very proud.”

Wayne Johnson, CEO of Accuform said working safe for 1,000 days pays off on the bottom line, too. 

“Accuform has seen a large reduction in our workers compensation premiums and received rebates from the program,” said Johnson.

Our 1,000 safe days didn’t happen by accident, they happened through a dedicated cultural shift, focus, and desire to work safe each and every day – with a goal to make sure each Accuform Team Member and visitor gets home each day to what matters most to them.

These efforts are why we proudly add “Safely Made in the USA” to each of our products. 

Celebratory luncheon recognizing 1000 days without an accident

Celebrated in style with a fine dining experience served by some familiar faces at Accuform - including CEO Wayne Johnson and President Dave Johnson.

Ron and Veronica Johnson joined in the celebration

Family-owned and family-focused, Ron and Veronica Johnson started Accuform over 40-years ago and their dedication to safety has helped create a safe culture today.