Arizona, Let's Clear The Air!

Arizona No Smoking

In November of 2006, the citizens of Arizona made their voices heard by passing Proposition 201, The Smoke-Free Arizona Act. This landmark statute took effect on Tuesday, May 1, 2007 and requires posting of specific Arizona No Smoking Signs.

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The statute prohibits smoking in most indoor public places including (but not limited to):

  • Restaurants, bars, gaming facilities such as bingo halls, billiard or pool halls, bowling centers, public buildings, grocery stores or any food service establishment
  • Lobbies, elevators, restrooms, reception areas, hallways and any other common-use areas in public and private buildings, condominiums and other multiple-unit residential facilities
  • Indoor sports arenas, gymnasiums and auditoriums
  • Health care facilities, hospitals, health care clinics, doctors offices and child day care facilities
  • Common areas in hotels and motels, and no less than 50% of hotel or motel sleeping quarters rented to guests
  • Tribes and Sovereign Nations are exempt from the Smoke-Free Arizona Act

Posting Requirements

  • Post no smoking signs clearly and conspicuously, identifying where smoking is prohibited and where complaints regarding violations may be registered
  • Signs must also be posted in business vehicles
  • Signs must be posted at entrances stating that smoking is prohibited
  • All signs and window-cling labels must include the Arizona No Smoking violations phone number

  • Ashtrays shall be removed from any area where smoking is prohibited
  • Arizona-specific no smoking signs must be posted at all entrances in a conspicuous location visible from the outside of the establishment. You many also post no smoking window clings inside affixed to the door or window if visible from the outside.