AccuformNMC Celebrates Women's History Month 

Stephanie Adams, Women's History Month

"Women should take every opportunity to move up in any organization…. all you have to do is prove yourself," said Stephanie Adams, Director of Plant Operations 

This Women's History Month we interviewed our Director of Plant Operations, Stephanie Adams.

Rewind to 24 years ago when Adams first walked into AccuformNMC – armed with a clear vision of where she wanted to go, she knew AccuformNMC would help her get there. She envisioned herself growing with a company she loved - one that became instant family - and climbing up to the management level within five years.

Adams started her journey to success at the front gate to the customer experience – as a receptionist and what AccuformNMC calls Director of First Impressions. Since then she’s had five management positions at AccuformNMC, ranging from Account Manager, Inside Sales Manager, Purchasing Manager, Assistant Plant Manager, and is now thriving in her current role, Director of Plant Operations.

Early on, AccuformNMC recognized her hard work, leadership ability, and methodical approach to overcoming obstacles and understood that she would be a genuine asset to the company.

Her decision to embrace challenges and learn new things created a platform for working with different people to achieve goals. The ability to find ways to work around obstacles - whether it was moving work to another piece of equipment, sharing resources from other departments, working through the issues with team members, or shifting schedules for maximum capacity – had proven invaluable.

But for her, the most rewarding part of the job is the people she works with and seeing the plant run like a well-oiled machine.

 “Success is defined differently by everyone, but I think success is measured not only in big accomplishments but even in the tiniest of steps. Any move in a positive direction is a success, no matter how big or small. 100% success is the continuous improvement until no more improvement can be made,” she said.

One of her greatest accomplishments came in 2014 when she was presented as the Manufacturing Institute STEP Ahead honoree for AccuformNMC.

"This initiative is to support and celebrate women in science, engineering, production, and technology careers and inspire more to join them. Even though women make up almost half the workforce, we only represent 29% of manufacturers," said Adams.

Looking forward, Adams said the future of AccuformNMC looks bright and the team - hundreds-strong - will continue to grow and diversify because AccuformNMC is a very nimble, innovative, and customer-focused company.