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Custom PPE-IDTM Charts

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PPE Charts from Accuform Manufacturing

Post and display a visual chart identifying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required to be worn by Employees, Contractors and Visitors in your facility!

Full-color PPE-IDTM Charts are designed to identify your company's approved Personal Protective Equipment required for use. Place PPE-IDTM Charts at entrances, doorways, time-clocks, and locker or changing areas. Reinforce the company's policy that only certain PPE products are to be worn.

PPE-IDTM Charts are completely customizable. Create a chart to show PPE products which apply to company-wide policies, and/or develop a chart with PPE products for department-specific user. PPE-IDTM Charts provide clarity, that approved PPE products are to be worn on premisis for their protection.

PPE-IDTM chart contains specific protective equipment used in and around your facility. Full-color, photographic images capture attention of employees, contractors and visitors -- showing a commitment to a safe work environment.

Let Accuform help Personalize It!

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