How to Get the Attention of Your Workers

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Learn ways to break through the distractions and grab the attention of your workforce

Have you ever thought about how much workplace injuries and accidents cost, nationally? According to statistics from EHS Today,  the annual cost to U.S. businesses from employees missing six or more days of work cost nearly $62 billion in 2013. If you break down the annual cost of workplace injuries, that’s more than $1 billion per week spent on injuries caused by accidents.

To prevent expensive injuries,  management might ask - How do we keep safety at the forefront and grab the attention of our employees?

Many thought leaders question whether they should go the route of the behavior-based safety approaches or continue to follow the cost-effective ‘systems’ approach to keep employees injury free in the workplace? Or how effective is the safety management-driven or employee-driven safety program?

Employees working in demanding, high-hazard industries like construction, manufacturing, and production are too often “drifting” along in their work, too busy to focus on safety. Job demands often stem from time pressures, high-priority work, shift work, and physical demands.

Distractions often hinder the attention of workers. Don't let the visual society we live in create challenges for safety. Browse through our growing library of safety and visual communication White Papers and learn how to avoid visual fatigue and stay safe in your workplace.

Reel in your employees with visual safety cues that speak volume and break through the clutter. Provide your workers with incentives. Capture the complete attention of your workers and implement a safety campaign geared towards improving safety in your workplace.

Secure the attention of your workforce by using what author Ben Parr describes in his book, “Captivology – The Science of Capturing People’s Attention,” as the seven triggers that call people to attention.

If you’re intrigued to read more and learn how to capture the attention in today's distracted workplace, we encourage you to download our free White Paper, Incentivizing Safe Behavior: Does it Work?