Mandatory Labor Law Poster Update

We have answers to some of the most common labor law questions:

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Make Sure You’re Up-to-Date as of August 1st.

The Department of Labor has issued two mandatory federal poster changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA). The modifications made to these posters are substantial and they must be updated.

Replace your mandatory FLSA and EPPA posters now to avoid penalties. The non-compliance penalties have more than doubled and fines are up to more than $30,000. The cost for failing to post an EPPA poster is up to $19,787. Replace your labor law posters and avoid penalties for neglecting to update your federal postings.

Q: What were the changes to the FLSA and EPPA posters?

A: The changes made to the FLSA poster included regulatory language requiring break time for nursing mothers, correctly classifying independent contractors, and changes by the Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. Read more about FLSA click here.

The EPPA poster removed the specific reference to the penalty amount for not posting, and now contains a comprehensive statement that the Secretary of Labor can assess civil penalties against violators. Read more about EPPA click here.

Q: Why were changes made to the FLSA and EPPA Posters?

A: Changes were made to update information beneficial to workers and reflect changes made by the Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act. The federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act requires agencies to adjust the levels of civil monetary penalties, followed by annual adjustments for inflation.

Q: Who has to display updated postings?

A: Nearly every U.S. employer with at least one paid employee - the impact is widespread.

Q: Is this related to the new FLSA overtime rule?

A: No. The latest regulations affecting the FLSA poster are independent from the overtime rule issued in May 2016. The new overtime rule didn’t require an updated FLSA poster, whereas these changes do. For more information on the new FLSA overtime rules, click here.  

Q: Where are postings supposed to be displayed?

A: Federal postings must be displayed in conspicuous locations accessible to all employees, such as employee break rooms, entrance areas, lounges, and near time clock stations. Larger facilities may need to post multiple signs to ensure accessibility to all employees.

Q: Where do I get my updated FLSA and EPPA Posters?

A: Contact AccuformNMC at 1-800-237-1001 or you can find the poster you need to be compliant at the link below