OSHA Update: Delay of Enforcement of Silica Standard

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Although OSHA delayed the enforcing of the Silica Standard, companies are being proactive about compliance.

In order to conduct additional outreach to the regulated community and provide additional educational training on crystalline silica, OSHA has changed the enforcement date for the standard from June 23, 2017 to September 23, 2017.

OSHA expects employers in the construction industry to continue to take steps to either come into compliance with the new permissible exposure limits, or to implement specific dust control for certain operations as provided in Table 1 of the standard.

Currently, over 2 million workers are exposed to the hazardous substance of silica in their workplace. The silica standard is estimated to save nearly 600 lives and prevent more than 900 new cases of silicosis each year. Read more about key provisions and compliance schedules here.

Construction employers are responsible for continuing to prepare and implement the standard’s and other requirements, including exposure assessment, medical surveillance, and employee training, as stated by OSHA.

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Delay of Enforcement of the Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction under 29 CFR 1926.1153

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