Out of This World Upgrades to Local School

Operation Upgrade

Operation Upgrade finished the final phase of upgrades at Pine Grove Elementary School and they're simply out of this world.

Students will now learn about the solar system and cool facts about each planet with large custom signage posted in the center of the school. 

Although students aren't meeting on campus right now due to the coronavirus, once they return they're in for a real treat...

The final phase of Operation Upgrade at Pine Grove Elementary School is now complete!

The goal of this Operation Upgrade was to create a dynamic, consistent brand experience with logos, colors, imagery, and messages. The entire process was broken out into four phases, with phases two and three combined to complete set goals.

The first phase started right before students began the 2019-2020 school year. This phase included a variety of front signage that faculty, students, and parents could see as soon as they stepped onto campus. Customized messages included a parking lot, bus loop, office way-finding, entry rule regulation, door graphics, fence-wrap banners, pride statements, and posters signage. The most significant and most prominently displayed sign for this phase was the monument signage and slide-in holiday messages at the front campus entrance.

The second and third phases started during Thanksgiving and were finalized during Christmas break. This phase included floor stencils, fence-wrap garden banners, PE and playground rules signs, cut-to-shape signage, pavilion signs, 3D projection signage, front office nameplates, and giant cutouts of planets to show the solar system. The dedicated Operation Upgrade team worked with the school staff on goals and messaging they’d like to use to promote their mission statement. But they used artistic license to bring everything to life, including the solar system and fact signage, which is their favorite design for this entire upgrade. 

The fourth or final stage started during Spring break is now complete and included front office wall graphic, wall wrap for teacher’s lounge, shadow boards, restroom, outdoor, and cafeteria signage, more fence wrap signage, and teacher nameplates. These upgrades have dramatically transformed Pine Grove Elementary School and, ultimately, communicated the mission of the school – to be their BEST. Become an Empowered and Self-motivated community for Today and tomorrow.

Studies show upgrades like these foster educational environments for creativity and motivation, which lead to academic excellence.

Community service is a vital part of the business at AccuformNMC. The members in the community look forward to pay it forward projects year-after-year. Special thanks to Nick Corsino and Laurie Webber for leading AccuformNMC Art Production, Kellie Davidson and Alex Pennington and their teams for installation, and Alyssa Berkey for entering orders, and anyone we may have missed that volunteered time and energy to Operation Upgrade during this challenging time.

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