Snap TiteTM

Easily "snap" pipe markers into place with Snap TiteTM

Snap- Tite

Pre-coiled design ‘SNAPs’ around to fit 360° over the pipe. The 20-mil Rigid Vinyl is printed repeatedly with the legend and directional flow arrow, upright and upside-down, around the marker, for universal direction fit and visibility from various angles. The service temperature range is -4° to 158°F. Ideal for use when removal may be necessary and on pipes that are insulated, unpainted, or less than perfect condition, since uneven and dirty surfaces do not affect the snap fit. Maximum size: 25" x 12".
Not recommended for hot pipes.




Use markers to identify electrical systems - especially when conduit, cable, connectors, and boxes can be together in tight spaces. Black on orange provides a highly visible warning for electrical hazards

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IIAR Ammonia

Snap Tite™ - Pre-coiled to ‘SNAP’ around for a snug fit. 20-mil rigid vinyl has legend repeated upright and up-side-down for universal direction fit and viewing.

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Pipe Markers

Self-Stick Material •Printed on 4-mil flexible vinyl and overlaminated with a 1-mil, UV resistant polyester film Service temperature is -20° to 140°F.

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Key Features:

  • 20-mil Rigid vinyl for durability
  • Withstand temperatures from 4° to 158°F


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