Top 17 Safety Tips of 2017

Throughout the year we’ve posted 86 safety tips on Twitter, one of our social media pages. Let's take a look at the most popular safety tips and eliminate work-related injuries in 2018!

As we look forward to the New Year, we’d like to share 17 of the most popular safety tips from 2017. Our goal is to make 2018 a safer year for all. Feel free to use these tips and share them with others in the industry.

17) Safety Tip #6: Conduct monthly inspection reports for safety, security, and sanitation in your facility.

16) Safety Tip #12: Do you know the hazardous information associated with the chemicals you're using in the workplace? Use labels and signs to alert your employees about the chemicals in the area.

15) Safety Tip #13: Ensure your employees know the proper personal protection to wear and they can see it, too! 

14) Safety Tip #16: Is the power shut off before you start work on equipment? Lock it out with LOTO devices

13) Safety Tip #30: When was the last time you inspected equipment or machinery? Is it time for new inspection tags

12) Safety Tip #31: Falls are the #1 OSHA violations. Prevent falls by inspecting ladders before every use and following OSHA safety procedures to stay safe when working at heights.

11) Safety Tip #34: Welding work is dangerous and hot! Don't forget hot work permit tags to keep others informed.

10) Safety Tip #38: Now is the ideal time to inspect the quality of parking lot signs, post, hardware, and stands.  

9) Safety Tip #50: Communication is the key to an efficient workplace - make sure to choose a sign that effectively promotes your message!

8) Safety Tip #69: Sign placement is critical to the effectiveness of your safety message. Check out our White Paper about the importance of sign visibility (read more here).

7) Safety Tip #71: You have the power to improve safety in your workplace. Personalize Safety Scoreboards offer the perfect solution to track your company's safe working days. Learn more here.

6) Safety Tip #76: Are you meeting your minimum weekly performance checklist required by ANSI/ISEA for inspecting emergency eye wash and showers? Not sure, check out our article

5) Safety Tip #77: According to a reader survey, 54 percent say it's a priority to build and or maintain a safety culture for their organization. How are you building a safety culture? Branding is a great way to overcome barriers! Read more.

4) Safety Tip #78: The value of posting high-performance signage in proper places throughout the workplace or job site can't be overstated. Now is the time to post effective safety signs and labels! 

3) Safety Tip # 78: Every industry needs to ensure workers are provided with the tools they need to work safely - and this includes effective safety training! 

2) Safety Tip #80: Warehouses have three things in common - constant foot traffic, machinery traffic, and the need to be well-organized! Keep your workers safe - and informed - with clear, visual markings

1) Safety Tip #81: Commit to a safer workplace by enforcing proper training, displaying safety identification, and having an effective safety policy in place. Read more ways to make 2018 a safer year here.

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