Operation Upgrade: AccuformNMC partners with Eastside Elementary School

Operation Upgrade video of Eastside Elementary school redo

Phase 1: Extreme Library Make-Over makes Library more exciting and easier to use

See the transformation of the Eastside Elementary library and hear Librarian Mary Dysart and Principal Mary LeDoux speak about Operation Upgrade

A library where information and imagination collide

For the 2015-16 school year, AccuformNMC and its employees are giving back to their community in the style of an extreme school make-over by adopting East Side Elementary. 

When the new school year began, the children at Eastside Elementary were surprised when they saw their new and improved library on the first day of school. Our team, dozens strong, installed graphics on both door entrances, wall wraps in the hallway, hanging signs, graphics on brick walls, a fun book return drop box, printed welding screens turned into a reading area, computer monitor graphics and more! The theme our creative team worked with was, the library is a place where information and imagination collide. We ran with this idea and transformed the library into a colorful atmosphere where we hope information and imagination come to life.

Both the librarian, Mary Dysart and Principal Mary LeDoux were taken aback by the updated look of their library. They were beyond appreciative and truly had “Wow” expressions on their faces. Principal LeDoux even said she had goosebumps while taking it all in! 

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AccuformNMC believes that community service and corporate responsibility are a vital part of business and being members of the local community.

Reactions to Operation Upgrade

"When you talk about making a difference for kids and getting them excited and turned on to reading -- this is what it's all about. I had already seen this on Thursday, and I have goosebumps again." - Principal Mary LeDoux

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The energy each person demonstrated was indescribable, especially after hearing the librarian explain the "Eastside Story" prior to beginning the work.

Stay tuned for more make-overs

We are honored to have the privilege of working at Eastside Elementary for the entire 2015-2016 school year. Stay tuned for more updates as the school year unfolds at Eastside Elementary.

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