Pokémon Go Safety Tips

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Use signage to prevent unwanted visitors to unsafe or private areas.

7 Safety Tips to Remember

Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon with gamers this summer. The digitally-assisted scavenger hunt game uses your phones GPS and camera to immediately transform your surroundings by way of augmented reality into a real-time game board. The next thing you know, you’re walking around your neighborhood frequently checking the screen on your phone and attempting to catch the Pokémon. When your phone alerts you that Pokémon is near, you run to the nearest location to capture it! Sounds like fun, right?

Pokémon Go downloads have been going through the roof at over 500,000,000 in just a few days, and people are spending twice as much time on it as snapchat.

Although Pokémon Go gets you off the couch by merging real life with gameplay, remember to be safe when wandering the streets.

Some safety tips to remember when playing the Pokémon Go game this summer:

  1. Keep eyes at street-level:  Walking with eyes glued to screens can pose serious risks like falling and running into other people. Keep eyes up at all times and stop in a safe area when you gotta catch ‘em all.
  2. Do not enter private areas: Catch Pokémon only in public areas within hours of operation and ask for permission when a rare creature is located in private areas like restaurants and homes. Businesses and homeowners can download a free sign below to let players know that Pokémon hunting is not permitted in restricted areas.
  3. Remain cautious of oncoming traffic: Being hit by a car feels worse than being sat on by a wild Snorlax. Look both ways before crossing streets to catch Pokémon.
  4. Stay cool in summer weather: Catching Pokémon is an arduous activity during the summer. Dress appropriately for the hot weather and stay hydrated. If you’re taking your pets with you on adventures, remember to bring water for them, too.
  5. Keep children within view: Parents and guardians should follow their children or use the buddy system when embarking on Pokémon GO adventures. It is likely players will encounter strangers, particularly when battling others at PokéGyms.
  6. Avoid driving and throwing Poké Balls: Playing Pokémon GO while driving is as bad of an idea as texting and driving. Park your car before playing the game.
  7. Stay alert at night: While entering a new area in the hopes of catching a Pikachu seems thrilling, users should be cautious of unfamiliar areas.

Bonus Gamer Tip: Bring your charger or extra battery with you. Since this game runs on your GPS and Camera, you’ll burn through your battery pretty quickly.

Pokemon Go Safety Sign Downloads

Print and post these fun free signs

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Pokemon Go Signs Available

For something that will last, purchase printed signs

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For those of you who need something more substantial, here is the set of safety signs to help prevent unwanted activity or show your enthusiasm for Pokemon Go.