Operation Upgrade is Transforming Again!

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...and we're thrilled to be making a positive difference for our future leaders once again.

A few years ago, we started giving back to our community in the style of an extreme school makeover we coined as Operation Upgrade.

Maybe you’ve heard of it? The first school we adopted back in 2015 was Eastside Elementary School.

At the beginning of the transformation process, Eastside Elementary School was rated as an F school. Since then, the school has improved to a B rating. After our team of hundreds strong saw this transformation, the mission to continue the Operation Upgrade trend was a no brainer. 

Community service is a vital part of the business at AccuformNMC. The members in the community look forward to pay it forward projects year-after-year. 

We are thrilled to do it all over again.

When the 2018 school year started, our team of dedicated volunteers started another phase of Operation Upgrade, this time at Moton Elementary School. With the third phase well underway, they installed graphics all over the inside and outside of the school, including playground signs, pavement signs, wall graphics, motivational banners, and more to give students and faculty a motivational atmosphere they deserve.

“The new atmosphere here at Moton has absolutely transformed the learning experience. The students, in the beginning, didn't care about their school. They say things all the time about how nice the school looks and how they love how it looks,” said Principal, Patty D. Martin.

Martin started at Moton Elementary School at the beginning of the 2018 school year. The school went through many changes and the interior and exterior of the school were in desperate need of a facelift. 

“Most people don't think the appearance of a school makes a difference in student's learning but it really does. When the students care about their school, they want it to have a better grade so they try harder not just for themselves but for what is best for their school,” she said.

Creating a culture of community involvement makes a long-term difference both in the community and for those that participate in it.

“Because of what Dave, Wayne, and the Johnson family have done for our community children have a fun place to learn. It makes my heart happy and fulfilled to be a part of Operation Upgrade and everything we do for our community,” said Sr. Account Manager, Vicky Hagan.

Without talented artist and eager-to-help AccuformNMC volunteers, the entire process wouldn’t have been a success.

“AccuformNMC is so amazing and so creative! I can't thank them enough for being a part of this pivotal transformation this year. Moton has struggled for so long with being the "poor" school that the students didn't feel they or their school deserved nice things. AccuformNMC made them feel like somebody cared about their school and them,” said Martin.

The students at Moton Elementary School needed a place that inspired greatness, community, and happiness. These students need a place to not only feel safe and motivated them to succeed. Check out the before/after video of upgrades here. 

Alyssa Berkey, key accounts specialist was involved in the strategic planning of Operation Upgrade. She said this school has been through so much the past year, and to see such amazing transformations happening for them gives me such hope. I truly believe great things are in store for them and to be a part of that is awesome.

“AccuformNMC has been a driving force in our improvement academically and our improved image out in the community. I feel very blessed that they chose our school to help out!” – Principal, Patty D. Martin.

Thank you to all our volunteers and talented artist for allowing us to continue to be community changers!

To view all videos of Operation Upgrade, follow us on YouTube or click here. 

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The cafeteria was bare. We decided to add school pride by designing Moton Elementary School a large school mascot on our Wall-Graphic material, followed by paw prints and messages to reinforce school pride.


We created customized Fence-Wrap Mesh Screens to add a fun and energic message for students and faculty walking to PE and Recess areas. The custom Fence-Wrap Screens also hides equipment closed off to the students.