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Catalogs and websites are great tools for highlighting the safety and facility identification products we create here at AccuformNMC, but sometimes it’s nice to see the items in action – which is why we’ve created our very own YouTube channel.

Customers who stop by the channel will find a series of informative videos highlighting some of our most popular items. From our STOPOUT® line of lockout tools, to our popular Tags By-The_Roll safety tags, we want to show you how our products work and why they’re worth purchasing.

We’re not just about highlighting the items we sell, though. AccuformNMC remains committed to making the community a better place -- which can be seen in our series of “Operation: Upgrade” videos that show AccuformNMC employees working to improve conditions at a local elementary school, or our annual Christmas shopping trip designed to make sure every child gets something from Santa.

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Community Involvement

Watch as AccuformNMC and its employees give a local elementary school an “extreme school make-over” in our Operation: Upgrade series.

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Want to know more about how our products work? Curious to see them in action? We’re busy creating new videos designed to showcase all the details and specs for our diverse line of products.