Traffic Sign Regulation Update

Traffic Sign Regulation

New High-Intensity Traffic Sign Regulation from MUTCD

MUTCD (Manual for Uniform Traffic Control Devices) has released a new regulation stating that traffic signs and pavement markings on all roads open to public traffic (including private facilities that have public visitors) must be High Intensity Reflective.

To comply, all businesses with public access roads must update regulatory signs, warning signs, and even signs with street names to High Intensity Reflective for the public's safety. High Intensity Reflective can be seen much easier than traditional Engineer Grade Reflective - up to 1,000-ft at night.

New MUTCD Minimum Retro-reflectivity Compliance Periods

  • Four years for implementation and continued use of an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain traffic sign retro-reflectivity at or above the established minimum levels.
  • Seven years for replacement of regulatory, warning, and ground-mounted guide (except street name) signs that are identified using the assessment or management methods as failing to meet the established minimum levels.
  • Ten years for replacement of street name signs and overhead guide signs that are identified using the assessment or management method as failing to meet the established minimum levels.

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AccuformNMC will immediately begin offering various traffic-related signs in both Engineer Grade Reflective and High Intensity Reflective with eventual phase-out of Engineer Grade Reflective on affected signs. Despite postings on other websites you DO NOT need to be in full compliance by 1/22/2008. We do encourage you to begin evaluating signage needs throughout your facility - ample planning will enable you to budget accordingly; it is always best to be in compliance before the required date.

At this point in time, the following signs are identified as not having to be upgraded to High Intensity Reflective.

A. Parking, Standing, and Stopping signs (R7 and R8 series).

B. Walking/Hitchhiking/Crossing signs (R9 series, R10-1 through R10-4b).

C. Adopt-A-Highway signs.

D. All signs with blue or brown backgrounds - this includes ADA signs and recreational signs.

E. Bikeway signs that are intended for exclusive use by bicyclists or pedestrians.

We will continue to make these available in Engineer-Grade Reflective.

Compliance Timeline:

January, 2012 agencies and businesses are to establish and implement a sign assessment or management method to maintain minimum levels of sign reflectivity.

January, 2015 agencies and businesses must replace all their regulatory, warning and ground-mounted guide signs with high intensity reflective signs.

January, 2018 agencies and businesses must replace overhead guide signs and street name signs with high intensity reflective signs.

If you have any questions pertaining to DOT 23 Part 655 feel free to contact AccuformNMC at 1-800-237-1001.