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Community service and corporate responsibility are a part of business at Accuform Signs. 

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Safety Matters 

Accuform donates $5,000 to The American Society of Safety Engineers. 

With the launch of its One Million Safe Days Campaign, Accuform Signs donated $5,000 to the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers). The money will be used to support the education of safety professionals and students of the industry. The One Million Safe Days Campaign heightens awareness of the importance of working safe. Once Accuform has reached its goal of  one million safe days, it will donate another $5,000 to ASSE to invest further in safety research and development, scholarships,  professional development, and safety awareness. By collaborating with the American Society of Safety Engineers, Accuform Signs is helping to inspire more safe work days and a stronger culture of safety. 

Accuform employees give blood regularly.

Semi-Annual Blood Drive 

Accuform encourages employees to give the gift of life by hosting blood drives. 

In early Sepember, 44 Accuform Signs employees saved 132 lives by generously donating blood to the LifeSouth Community Blood Center. Accuform Signs hosted the organization's off-site blood drive. In providing an alternate location twice a year, Accuform Signs helps encourage blood donations by making it more convenient for people to give. While Accuform Signs advocates safe and healthy workplaces, accidents happen despite our best efforts. In just fifteen minutes, blood donors can help save several lives. One unit of blood can be used for multiple purposes such as supporting surgical and cancer patients. The blood drive at Accuform Signs enabled employees to give to those in need. 

We all like to give back to the the community.

Accuform Gives Back All Year  

A new volunteer initiative at Accuform Signs encourages employees to give back all year round.

For many years, Accuform Signs has promoted a company-wide volunteer day during the holiday season of December. Recently, Accuform introduced a new community volunteer program that encourages employees to give back individually, at any time of year. The program allows employees to spend a paid eight-hour work day volunteering at any organization of their choice. Skills learned by volunteers can be brought back to the workplace. Some of these skills include teamwork, leadership, communication, and time management.

Building Bikes for those in Need 

100 Bikes for Homeless Kids 

Accuform Signs partners with Operation HeartF.E.L.T to build 100 bikes for youth in need. 

Where there is a need, Accuform Signs finds a way. Over one third of homeless youth in the United States live in Florida. In December, Accuform Signs decided to apply its technical savvy and aptitude for teamwork to the task of building bicycles for kids in need. Accuform partnered with Operation HeartF.E.L.T., a non-profit organization dedicated to the health and fitness of under privileged children. In one day Accuform employees worked together to build over 100 bicycles to bring joy to local children during the holiday season. 

Helping those in need is a core value at Accuform.

The Benefits of Volunteering 

Corporate volunteer programs benefit employees, companies, and communities. 

The benefits of volunteerism are many. Not only do community organizations benefit from the donation of time, skills, and knowledge, but volunteers and corporations also gain from getting involved. Studies show that people who volunteer experience greater levels of physical and mental well-being. Employees who participate in a corporate volunteer programs express greater job satisfaction, attitude, and morale. A company that is involved in the community attracts recruits and has improved employee retention.  Volunteering is a win-win-win activity. 

As an organization, we believe giving is a priority. 

Pay it Forward

Employees praise the philanthropic culture of Accuform Signs

I think it’s wonderful that Accuform is encouraging a 'Pay It Forward' culture and I would encourage anyone that can, to get involved with the various organizations in the program. I’m very proud of the work that has been done and the benefits are multi-fold. Foremost, you’re helping organizations that need your help and, additionally, meeting new people, learning new things, having new experiences, breaking the day-to-day routine, and getting paid for it! I find when I do volunteer work, it often helps me to “get out of my own head” and look at my own life a little differently and, hopefully, to grow as a person.


Top 5 Reasons to Choose Accuform

1. World-Class Customer Service
Your account manager is available to help you select the right material, design the perfect custom sign, or just make sure that you are getting exactly what you need when you need it - to help keep your employees safe.
2. Free Shipping!
Free shipping on qualified orders over $200. That means whenever you buy a Digi-Day®, or over 175,000 of our other products, you get free shipping!
3. Personalize It!
Our art department can help you realize any sign, tag, label, banner, or poster that you can dream up. Spend some time with a personalization specialist to create a Store-Board™ or simply send in your sketched idea and we will make it a reality.
4. Extensive Product Line
With over 175,000 stock and custom facility identification, lockout/tagout, and worksite safety products, Accuform has what you need.
5. Innovation and Growth
As your needs evolve and as your company grows, Accuform is by your side offering you the latest ideas in facility identification products. We led the charge on GHS, ANSI-ISO, and are growing our 5S offering keeping in step with your growth.

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