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NFPA Safety Placard: 6" Diamond


Prominently display information regarding hazardous material identification.

  • Use this safety equipment to categorize hazards
  • Identify the types of hazardous materials that are present

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6" Diamond

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Blank NFPA Placards & Placard Kits Designed for on-the-spot classification of potentially hazardous chemicals, our NFPA Placards offer ease of installation and the convenience of personal customization. Placards are printed with the proper color coding, using UV stable inks. You can write in the numbers and symbols on the placard or use pre-printed number and symbol hazard panels. Individual, pre-printed hazard panels are also available separately. Select sizes are available in 4-mil Adhesive Vinyl, 6-mil Adhesive Dura-Vinyl™, .060" Dura-Plastic, 32-mil Magnetic Co-Poly Vinyl, or .040" Aluminum. NFPA placards are available as Blank Placards or as part of a Placard Kit. On the "Option" drop-down below choose "Blank Placard" to receive Blank Placards or "Placard Kit" to receive the Placard Kit. Placard Kit includes: • 15 numbers (3 sets of 0-4) • 7 Specific-Hazard symbols (Use No Water, Oxidizer, Simple Asphyxiant, Radiation Hazard, Corrosive, Acid, and Alkali) • NFPA Wallet Guide • Blank Placard Blank Placard includes: • Blank Placard More

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